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Co-founder Native Supply

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Google, Jeep, Hillsong United, Reach Records, The Gospel Coalition, The Justice Conference, World Relief, SEMA, The Immigration Coalition, The Good Book Company & more

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Jon Aragón is an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, web development, and creative direction. He resides in Tampa, FL with his wife Quina and their beautiful daughter.

Jon uses his talents to assist individuals and organizations. This is why his company is named “Jon Doulos.” The word “doulos” in Greek means bond-servant. He sees himself as just that: a servant of Christ.

Born to Colombian immigrants, Jon has always had a heart for the unique beauty and challenges of immigrants and Afro-Latino people. Jon believes his background allows him to offer a unique perspective when approaching design and problem solving.

Jon serves on the teaching and preaching team at his church and has a passion to holistically disciple young men, empowering them to perceive and pursue their calling.