Jon Aragón, is a VP of Brand & Creative and a passionate advocate, and storyteller.

Vice President at Pinkston.

Jon Aragón

Jon Aragón is the Vice President of Brand & Creative at Pinkston. He is an Afro-Latino advocate, entrepreneur, and storyteller. A proud son of Colombian immigrants, he is passionate about changing the world and bringing solutions to the commercial, faith, political, cultural, and social issues of our time.

Clients — Google, Sony Music, Jeep, World Relief, Rakuten Advertising, Reach Records, Moody Publishers, The Justice Conference, and many more.

Recent Work — Iceland Film

Co-owner at Native Supply

This collection & film is a creative expression of how God has been faithful to me in my trials this year.

A proud son of Colombian immigrants

👋🏽 Hi, my name is Jon Aragón. I’m a creative director, multi-disciplinary designer, brand consultant, and developer. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve overseen various creative departments and led efforts to execute product development and campaign marketing, including the creation of short films. I’m proficient in various coding languages, and I’m bilingual (English and Spanish). My work spans multiple industries, such as finance, music, art, fashion, non-profit, literary publishing, blockchain technology (crypto), and the automotive sector.

I’m an Afro-Latino advocate and storyteller. As a proud son of Colombian immigrants, I’ve always had a heart for the unique beauty and challenges of Latinx people, and immigrants. I believe my background allows me to offer a unique perspective when approaching design and problem-solving. At my core, I’m a storyteller. I solve business problems with stories that evoke emotion and ignite conversation.

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Jon Aragon

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